Book Samples

Why are samples so effective? When you have something that you know people would enjoy if only they had a taste, you need to find a way to inspire them to try it. EBook samples are a cost-effective and simple way for you to give readers an opportunity to read enough of your book for free, to compel them to purchase and read your entire book.

Our eBook samples give you an opportunity to build your readership and gain sales. Unlike samples available on Amazon or other bookseller sites, you have complete control over what you include in your sample. You can include links to all of your purchase sites, call for reviews, invite readers to engage with you or join an email list. You can also offer direct sales from your own website or another outlet, cutting out ‘middlemen’ and retaining your full profits.

Download a Book Sample here.

All of our Book Samples include:

  • .epub and .mobi file formats
  • An author’s note intro (Optional)**
  • An informational page about the book and publication details**
  • A Call-to-Action for readers to purchase the complete book**

Book Samples  start at $175*

*The above pricing is based purchase of formatting services.

**Exact wording and applicable links for these features must be provided by the author or an authorized party.