eBook Formatting

Electronic Book formats (eBooks) are a great way to get your work distributed. They’re incredibly versatile and feed that hunger for instant gratification. With just a click or two, your reader can have your entire book in her hands, in seconds. Not to mention, that production costs are much lower than print, which means that your profits can be much higher.

Despite their versatility, eBooks have unique limitations. The beauty of them is that your reader has a great deal of control over how they view your book. Characteristics like font styles and sizes, leading (line spacing), and even page orientation, are all dynamic, and they can change from one device to the next or along with your reader’s preferences. That means that each device and file format has unique requirements. We know all of those requirements and we’ll make sure that your book looks just as good on one device as it does on the next.

We provide clean, professional formatting, intuitive functionality, and confidence that all of your eBook formats work and look, just like they’re supposed to, keeping your reader focused on your story.

All of our eBook formats include:

  • Your Cover included as front of each eBook file (Author provided artwork*)
  • A Linked, Navigational Table of Contents
  • up to 5 Internal/External links
  • up to 5 Images (author provided)
  • Optional Front Matter (Dedication, Acknowledgements, Introduction, etc.)
  • Optional Back Matter (About the Author, Excerpts, Resources, etc.)

Ebook Package starts at $225*

Packages Include: ePub, Mobi, & KPF formats.

Additional formats may be available on request*

*The above pricing is based on fiction works, under 100k. Additional costs may be incurred for non-fiction books, books exceeding 100k, and books requiring unusual or highly intensive formatting. For an exact cost of formatting your book, send us an email with the details of your publication needs and we’ll get back to you promptly. Cover art and images may also incur additional cost if formatting is required.