Print Interiors

There’s something divine about holding a book in your hand; the faint scent of ink and paper, the whisper of a turned page, the weight of a book clasped to your chest as you imagine the world woven from its words. Print books have a permanence that electronic formats lack. They can be passed on and shared or kept as treasures to revisit time and time again. We will work directly with you to give your print book a look and feel that is unique and professional. We’ll help you choose fonts, styling, and a layout that fits your literary masterpiece.

All of our Print layouts include:

  • Professional formatting to fit the requirements of your chosen printer
  • Customized Styling; fonts, chapter pages, page headers & footers, etc.
  • A Table of Contents (optional)
  • up to 5 Images (author provided)
  • Optional Front Matter (Dedication, Acknowledgements, Introduction, etc.)
  • Optional Back Matter (About the Author, Excerpts, Resources, etc.)

Print Layouts start at $225*

Package Includes a publish-ready PDF, formatted specifically for your printer of choice.