Proofreading & Copy Editing

As an author, the partnership you have with your editor is paramount to success. An editor is not just a fresh set of eyes to ensure you’ve used a semicolon correctly. An editor is a professional who you trust to polish your manuscript while maintaining your tone and intent. We highly recommend these editing services to our authors because a professionally edited work fosters a positive experience for your audience. Issues with spelling, grammar, punctuation, word usage, transitions, and phrasing can be disruptive to your reader, leaving them with feelings of confusion or distrust. A professionally edited manuscript allows readers to trust and respect your writing, leading to better reviews, greater audience growth, and a positive business model.

Your singular manuscript is only one step on your ladder to success as an author. You’ve invested time and money into its creation and you are realizing the benefit of using a professional formatting service to elevate your work above the rest of the crowd. We don’t want our authors to sacrifice the quality of their work by neglecting the further professional polishing that our editing service provides. We will give you a custom quote for copy editing or proofreading, just as our quotes for formatting are custom tailored to your needs. For formatting clients, we extend discounted rates because we appreciate your business and want to help you produce the absolute best work you can.


Think of this as our introductory level of service. We will meticulously review your document with the same keen eye for detail that we use when formatting your work. You can expect us to find and correct these sorts of small mistakes:

  • misspellings and confused words
  • minor grammatical errors, including subject-verb agreement, verb tense usage and consistency
  • punctuation like commas, apostrophes, and hyphenation
  • capitalization
  • typos

Because proofreading is a quicker job for us, we charge you less. Our turn-around times are fast – usually around five to seven business days!

Proofreading starts at $120/10k words*

Copy Editing

When you choose this level of service, you’ll be guaranteed the attention to small details from our proofreading service, plus an objectivity that views your work as a whole. We’ll note small errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation – but copy editing goes further to critique the cohesiveness of your work, evaluate the voice and tone of your writing style and apply recommendations where that voice could be stronger and clearer, and note changes in your style that affect the continuity of your work. We also look for clear paragraph structure, repetitions of word use, and awkward transitions between ideas. Copy editing is a very thorough process and our editor will work collaboratively with you. Depending on the length and style of your manuscript you might expect fifteen business days or more for completion.

Copy Editing starts at $440/10k words*

Manuscript Review

Not quite sure which service you need? Let us help! We know that it can be difficult to review your manuscript for errors. You’ve read through it dozens of times, you know exactly what it should say… Which makes it so easy to read over and miss those little errors and typos. Or is your manuscript so full of characters and details that you want someone to review your storyline closely for continuity? Let our editor review your manuscript and make a recommendation for either service. For a small payment, our editor will return a full and detailed evaluation and recommendation within five business days (or less).

Review for $95, send us 5k words

*Proofreading and Copy Editing services are billed based on actual time spent. The costs above are based on industry standard time estimates for the type of work being performed. Total cost may vary based on your unique editing needs.